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Our Goals

Office for Improving Second Language Achievement

The goals of ISLA include:

  • Establishment of a project work team at Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi (Lead University)
  • Create a Project Advisory Committee
  • Establish a project website
  • Develop a prototype for online ESL certification - Secondary Teachers
  • Design, develop, and implement a series of professional development workshops for teachers in high potential ELL campuses. Workshops include but will not be limited to the following topics:
    • Effective Language Programs
    • L1 & L2 Literacy Development
    • Effective Transitional Bilingual Language Acquisition
    • ESL Methodology
  • Identify materials & resources available to improve ELL student learning
  • Implement 3–4 ELL Improvement Teams at Texas A&M University System Institutions
  • Provide technical assistance to selected ELL campuses which may include:
    • Online professional development
    • Performance analysis of ELL students
    • Program consultation
    • Model campus improvement plans to enhance ELL student achievement
    • Evaluations of campus improvement plans